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by Débora Watts

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"Debora, with her irresistible drawing power, uses her voice to captivate,

not only the ear of the listener, but to make him -me- a totally willing prisoner of emotions" 

- Benny Golson

New CD:

Um Samba ao Contrário

This irresistibly catchy and deeply touching CD contains fourteen original songs that reflect Debora Watts' great love and respect for classic Brazilian styles and rhythms.

A must-have album from a ground-breaking artist.

Debora Watts Brazilian Music

Débora Watts, is a Brazilian singer songwriter based in the New York metro area.

Genres: MPB (Musica Popular Brasileira), Samba, Bossa Nova, Baião, Maxixe, Choro, Samba-Jazz, Samba-Canção and Forró.

Book the best  Bossa nova artist Brazilian band in town for your Concert, Corporate and private events!

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